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Animal Face Photo Editor


✦Have you ever wondered how would you look with an ‘‘animal face’’? If so, get ready for some funny photo morphing! Turn yourself into a wild beast in a sec by using this face morph app for AndroidTM. Make your face unrecognizable by adding lion’s mane, tiger eyes, elephant ears or dog muzzle. Browse our gallery and discover over 30 animal species that you can use for photo morphing. Get ✧Animal Face Photo Editor✧ and transform your pictures by using numerous face morph effects. Try out this amazing ‘‘photo editor’’ and make stunning photo montage that will dazzle all your friends on social networks.✦ Choose your favorite animal and transform your face in a minute;✦ Automatic face detection to adjust animal sticker; ✦ Over 30 animal faces to choose from for photo morph;✦ Best collection of face morphing effects and animal eye morphing effects;✦ Choose 3 different type of animal face morphing: part face, split face or change the whole face;✦ Add fox fur, cat whiskers, mouse ears, horse mane, hyena’s shriek face, etc;✦Add various animal stickers to your selfie picture;✦ Turn face blend mode to blend faces of you and your pet;✦Make photo prank by adding funny animal faces and cool photo effects;✦ Apply mutant or hybrid effects on your picture;✦ Embellish the design of your photo by adding funny captions, cute texts or inspirational quotes;✦ Adjust the background on your photo by setting colorful wallpaper; ✦ Share your morph images with your friends and followers on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram;✦ Download this ‘‘face photo editor’’ and have fun playing with it;
✦✧Animal Face Photo Editor✧ has arrived on the app market for all people who enjoy in fun photo editing! Release your inner animal by modifying your selfies. Don’t hesitate to show your wild side by putting on a scary animal face. Add to your face different parts from animal faces and make your friends ROFL like never before! You can even upload a picture of your pet and blend your faces to create funny photo montage. Play with this ‘‘face editor’’ and become a pro in face morph! This photo editing software is specially designed for making practical jokes and pranks of your pics. Use tons of special filters to enhance your photos and to make the most of them.
✦ Look through our gallery and you’ll find the best collection of animal masks. Choose among creepy, funny and spooky animal faces, and add them to your photos. Adjust the size of face mask and put it on your face picture. For more realistic vibe, add to your morph photos wild nature wallpapers or landscape backgrounds. With ✧Animal Face Photo Editor✧ you can easily turn your plain pics into stunning pieces of art. If you are a cat or a dog lover you will enjoy editing photos with body parts of these two animals. Express your creativity while making photo montage! Try out face morphing options to modify your picture, select your favorite photo filter, add cool text or insert funny drawings. Make of existent ‘‘animal photo’’ cool and funny picture by adding various stickers like hats, sunglasses or jewelry.
✦ Feeling bored? No need to worry: incredible face ‘‘photo editing app’’ is here! Have a blast changing your face into an animal face and picking your favorite look. If you want to look cute, choose a deer head or a panda head. For more domineering and aggressive look, choose panther head or lion head. ✧Animal Face Photo Editor✧ helps you to transform your pictures the way you like! Explore our face morph features and have fun editing your pictures.
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